Bikini Tops

Picture this: It’s almost summer and you already planned out your vacation to the Bahamas or perhaps farther into the east in the Maldives, but you don’t have the best bikini top to flex yet. You no longer have to worry because Virago Swim has your back! Our Tops collection will surely give you a sophisticated and elegant look but also provides comfort to move around freely. We want you to be sexy and confident, hence why our tops match all body shapes and sizes. So, what are you waiting for? Get the perfect top at Virago Swim, and enjoy your vacation now!

Thank you for supporting Virago Swim where we ethically produce our swimwear on demand in order to reduce waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has different preferences for their swimwear style. And to some, comfort is their utmost priority. Many women look for a bikini top with the option to add padding. Since padding can provide support, coverage, and bust area shape, some of our top collection has the option to add one. Here are some of our no-padding tops that you can definitely add paddings to:

  • The Nury Ring Bikini Top: If you’re looking for a seamless top, this must be your first choice. With a daring design, you can flex off your sexiness while getting comfort from paddings added. 
  • The Gia Top: Flatters all body types and sizes, especially women with larger busts. This versatile swimwear has a simple but sleek design that goes with any bottoms. You can easily add padding to Gia top for extra support and coverage.
  • The Robin  One Shoulder Bikini Top: Another seamless top option that you may want to add to your summer wardrobe. This top can have padding added, giving you full support and comfort without sacrificing the voguish style. 
  • The Theizu Triangle Top: A simple and unique design that makes you stunning and chic. For confidence and full comfort, this top can also have padding added. Comes with vibrant colors like royal blue and lime, and the elegance it exudes surely turns heads.
  • The Illiana Top: A sophisticated style perfect for any refined woman, this top is an exceptional option if you’re looking for cheeky and seamless swimwear. Great to add padding for full comfort and support.

If you’re planning to buy a light-colored swimsuit but worried about it being see-through, you are not alone. But no, light colors are not see-through. We value our customers’ concerns and understand that some women may want to look daring and confident without revealing too much. At Virago Swim, we thoroughly select top-notch quality materials that offer adequate coverage and prevent transparency.

 Our swimwear is made from premium fabrics that can resist sheerness. At the same time, the materials are also double-lined, which optimizes their opacity. Rest assured that our light-colored swimwear is not see-through, giving you the confidence to swim on the beach or the pool without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

However, it is worth noting that swimwear may fade because of improper care. Salt, water, and chlorine may cause severe damage and color fading. This can cause your swimwear to be transparent, hence why it’s crucial to take care of your swimwear immediately after use.

We highly suggest trying out your swimsuit in a brightly-lit room before you wear it outdoors. This should give you an initial idea of how much coverage it provides and whether you feel comfortable wearing it. We understand that some people may be hesitant to buy light-colored swimwear because they think it’s see-through. But at Virago Swim, we ensure that we deliver you the best quality swimsuits, which are fashionable and functional. Enjoy your summer adventures without having to worry about light-colored, see-through swimwear by investing in our Virago Swim swimwear now.

It is very challenging to find the best bikini top for women with bigger busts. You may want to find stylish bikini tops that provide strong support while providing you with great comfort. Fortunately, our collection at Virago Swim has varieties of swimwear that women with bigger busts can choose from. Here’s a short guide of what we recommend is the perfect top for bigger busts:

  • The GIA Bikini Top: This is one of our most popular products. It is suitable for women with bigger busts, because of its adjustable feature just at the back of the bust. The straps are durable and provide maximum support for bigger chest sizes. You do not have to worry about any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions because GIA tops are secured, allowing you to move around confidently. Usually paired with high-waisted GIA bottoms, you can pair GIA tops with any bottoms you prefer making it a versatile option for women with bigger busts.
  • The GG Bikini Top: Another adjustable stylish bikini top. This one-piece swimwear is an option for those looking for full coverage when lounging by the pool or walking on the beach. It’s a cheeky, seamless one-piece swimsuit with no padding, gold hardware, with a flattering high rise. The GG bikini top looks better on any bottoms, but we recommend pairing it with the Tulip sarong.

If you’re looking for more options, check out the Donna one-piece or Zeta one-piece in Royal, or contact us if you need guidance for swimwear more suitable for bigger busts.

All Virago swimsuits are lined. While the majority are double-lined, there are a number of exceptions that are triple-lined. These include the Robin, Iliana, and Nury bikinis as well as the Donna Maillot and GG one-piece swimsuits. Lined swimsuits feature a lining layer in the fabric that gives them structure and provide support. Our lined swimsuits make use of the same quality fabrics on all layers, resulting in a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. They offer substantially more protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays than their padded counterparts. Additionally, they offer a more flattering fit than padded swimsuits, conforming to the contours of your body and smoothing out any bumps. While they stretch to fit all body shapes, they also have what it takes to maintain integrity in terms of form and shape. Our triple-lined suits offer even more benefits as they sport a seamless design with no visible seams. They feature a thin elastic that is sewn in between the layers of fabric. Because there are no seams to rub against your skin, the fabric sits smoothly against the body for a comfortable feel. Furthermore, it does not dig into the skin and does not, therefore, create any additional rolls or secondary butt cheeks. More importantly, its durability is matchless because the seams are not exposed, eliminating the risk of fraying. Our creation process is precise as it requires a bit of extra care to achieve that luxurious seamless finish. If you dislike light, see-through fabrics on swimwear, then our lined suits are ideal for you.