How Do You Know The Right Swimwear Size For Your Body?

A big part of finding the perfect swimwear for yourself is knowing your swimwear size. Enjoy your summer holiday in style and comfort once you’ve figured out the perfect size and style for your beachwear! It’s often an overwhelming task for many, with different styles available and your sizes changing across designs and retailers. Here are some size and shape guidelines you can follow to be happy with your choice of bikini. 

Getting Your Measurements

Eliminate any doubts about your size or cup size by using a tape measure for your measurements. For two-piece swimwear, you’ll need to know your cup size and hip size. You can figure out your cup size by measuring the area of your bust and your cup depth. Place your tape measure from the start to the end of your bust to measure your cup depth. Online sizing charts can help you identify your corresponding cup size. Your hip size will help you choose your bikini bottom. Place the tape measure around your hips at the widest part of your pelvis, where your rear is most rounded, for your hip size. Meanwhile, height and cup size determine the appropriate sizing for a one-piece. Online websites will generally provide standard fit sizing charts

Choosing a Swimsuit That Suits Your Body Type

Wondering whether you should go for a one-piece or a bikini? Not sure which size is the most flattering for a bandeau or triangle top, or a high-waisted or low cut bottom? Don’t fret! Here is a simple list of guidelines to follow that’ll help you pick something right for your figure.

  • Frame Body Shape

Those with a pyramid body shape have rounded hips and a small bust. It’s best to opt for a fancy bikini top with additional detailing like frills, bows or straps. These details add body to your shoulders. For one-pieces, go with a plunging V neckline.

  • Inverted Pyramid Shape

This silhouette consists of slender legs and a developed bust. Those with this body type should opt for tops with thin straps to tie in the back, for a refined look at the shoulders. Patterned and knotted bikini bottoms will add some density to your legs.

  • H-Shaped Silhouette

Someone with a H-shaped body has aligned hips and shoulders, with a small waist and chest, and an overall slender figure. The objective is to add volume throughout the body. Triangle swimsuits, low-cut or belted bikini bottoms are suitable if you have this body type. Asymmetrical cuts can also make you look more feminine. 

  • O-Shaped Body Type
  • People with this body type have larger chests and generous curves. You can accentuate these curves by choosing high-waisted bikini bottoms and tops with underwire, for additional definition. The overall silhouette is well complemented with plunging V-necklines and balconies. 

    Finding The Right Swimwear

    Now you know what’s best for your body shape, and the appropriate sizing for swimwear, you can rest assured that your summer days will be spent in comfort and style. Feel free to mix and match bikini styles to tailor your size to your preferences. 

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