Product Care

Sun, salt, water, and chlorine take their toll on swim apparel. We highly recommend following our care instructions in order to maintain your VIRAGO SWIM pieces in great condition.

General Care Instructions

DO hand wash & rinse in ice water before first use and immediately after use

DO drip dry or lay it flat away from direct sunlight to dry

DO store in a dry place

DO avoid rough surfaces that can create pilling.

DO NOT ring out, tumble dry, iron, soak or bleach

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight

DO NOT dry clean or wash in warm or hot water

Extreme heat and high chlorine levels might cause your swimwear to fade or be damaged. Avoid hot tubs or other high chlorine pools when possible. If being used in water where chlorine levels are high, wash immediately. Some tanning creams and oils can stain or ruin swimwear. We recommend that you rinse immediately after use.