4 Bikini Styles That Are Currently In Style

It’s getting hotter, the cool waters are calling, and summer is nearly upon us. The classic bikinis and one-pieces will never go wrong, but don’t you want to embrace summer to its fullest? Dip your toes in this year’s fresh batch of trends to add a little extra fun to your vacation. Fully embrace what summer has to offer, from bikini styles that prioritize comfort to ones that are edgy and adventurous. 


The tankini is one of the most modern adaptations of the bikini you can get. Designed by the godmother of swimwear Anne Cole, it’s no surprise they’re back in style. A tankini essentially resembles a tank top, with a complementary bikini bottom. But its revival is in the form of a crop top - the trending tankinis come in a shorter length. Explore a good variety of options: triangle, halter and strapless. Experimenting with a good range of styles will eventually allow you to land on something you love. While on vacation, you’ll inevitably be hopping in and out of the water, to restaurants, bars, and hotel lobbies. All you’d have to do to get ready is throw on a long wrap skirt. Another plus of a tankini—there are no strange tan lines. 


You’ll never go wrong with a one-piece swimsuit. They’re suited for all body types and adjustable for an easy fit! One-piece styles are undeniably aesthetic and very comfortable. Get ready to see one-piece styles evolve.

Ribbed Bikini Tops and Bottoms

Not only are ribbed bikinis fashionable, but they are also functional. They’re incredibly good investments as they adapt and stretch to fit you perfectly. Tight-knit bandeau tops often have slight compression effects, which means they stay secure when you’re in a game of beach volleyball or engaging in the water sport you love. 

Popular Detailing: Ruffles, Rings and Cut-Outs

Ruffles are wonderful additions to your bikini top or bottom that serve the purpose of emphasizing your collar bone or waistline. Reminiscent of nostalgic summer days, ruffles are unquestionably romantic details to be added to your beach look. 

Cut-outs are classic, time-tested and true elements of any good piece of swimwear. They refresh a classic silhouette incredibly well. Just steer clear of strange tan lines with the help of your trusty sunscreen. Stay adventurous with a monokini, which perfectly emphasizes an hourglass body shape and keeps all eyes squarely fixed on you. 

Another emerging trend for bikini styles is ring detailing. Both curiously modern and retro, ring details add a little extra pop to your outfit, keeping things interesting for the eyes. A strapless two-piece is quintessentially modern, and additional detailing elevates the design to a whole new level. 

Wearing What Makes You Happiest

At the end of the day, trends should be taken as light inspiration. What really matters is liking and feeling good in what you wear. Don’t let trends dictate what you wear, or you’ll end up with a sad wardrobe of pieces that were only worn or twice. Keen on injecting some personal flair and style into your beach bikinis? Start mixing and matching bikini styles till you find something that’s uniquely yours. 

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