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If there’s a sold-out item you want, simply add your email to the waitlist by going to that product page, selecting the size you want, and entering your email. We will let you know as soon as it becomes available again!

No. Sale items are final sale.

You will have the option to add a phone number or email to receive shipping updates after you complete your order.

We give you the opportunity to get the first look at our new season collections and the chance to reserve and purchase these key pieces. Pre-ordered items are not immediately available to be shipped out to you as they are still being created.      

Pre-ordered products are held in reserve for you and will be dispatched as soon as they become available. The anticipated delivery date is always shown on the product page, during payment, and in your purchase information.

I placed a pre-order for one item and a regular order for another. When can I expect my products to arrive?

We will send you two separate parcels if you order things that are already in stock and are in pre-order. Pre-orders with various delivery dates: If you order several pre-order items with various estimated shipment dates, they may be delivered together on the most recent date. You will only be charged after the things have been dispatched in any scenario. The standard shipping is always free.

I ordered an item on pre-order but have changed my mind. Can I cancel?

No. We cannot cancel any orders.

I placed a pre-order for an item, but it's taking too long. Is it possible for me to cancel?

Pre-ordered items will be delivered in a reasonable amount of time. You can expect a possible delay between the purchase of the goods and their actual delivery due to the pre-sale nature of such transactions. Delivery timings are estimates only and are subject to change at any moment without notice. If there are any unforeseen delays with your order, our customer service staff will contact you. All pre-orders are subject to standard return conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before placing a pre-order with us. Please keep in mind that we are
not a quick fashion company.

We retain the right to cancel any purchases at any time without warning, which we will give a refund.

We do not support practices that surround fast-made fashion. We are ethically made in the USA and not mass produced. All of our swimsuits are crafted with love into limited collections brought to you seasonally. We strive to be a brand the conscious consumer will love! Made by women for women!

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We're thrilled to be a part of the Eco Packaging Alliance, which aims to provide packaging that reduces our carbon footprint as much as possible. By planting a tree with each of our orders, we are assisting in the reduction of global deforestation. Our commitment is to be aware of the need to protect our environment and to always seek out ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Clear bags are made from 100% recycled material.

Tissue paper and stickers are acid free printed with soy ink & FSC Certified.

Our poly mailers are manufactured entirely of polyethylene and are labeled with recycling code #4.

Interested in working with our brand, feel you would be a good fit? Social media personalities/models can contact us at info@viragoswim.com Please make sure to include your Instagram handle.

No, pre-ordered items are not yet considered final sales. This is because our pre-ordered items may still be in the process of making, or there’s no stock available. In line with this, there is a possibility it may be subject to unforeseeable delays due to the nature of the transaction. If any case, your pre-ordered item takes too long to process, you have the right to cancel it. It is only applicable if the delay is overly prolonged. Either way, the preordered product will not be shipped out immediately. Upon processing the payment, the anticipated delivery date will appear on the product page. Take note that this can change without further notice. But if it reaches the point that the delay becomes unreasonable, this is the only time we can refund your payment. 

Under the terms and conditions, you cannot cancel your pre-ordered item if you have a sudden change of heart. Keep in mind that our products are only made specifically upon request. The size of preordered products is tailored to you, so canceling your order may not be applicable. We are not a fast-made fashion company. All of our items have been made out of love and passion, and it takes time for us to ensure we dispatch high-quality products. 

We value our reputation and strictly adhere to our women empowerment mission. All of our collections are only limited. We are practicing sustainability to avoid wasting resources. Therefore, before placing your order, check our return and exchange policy. Make sure to shop responsibly.

After a long day at the beach or by the pool, it is time to take care of your Virago Swim swimwear to maintain its quality and prolong its lifespan. Sun, salt, water, and chlorine can severely damage your swimwear if not taken care of after use. Follow our careful instructions to keep your swimwear looking new and fresh. 

  • Skip the washing machine and always hand wash your swimwear. Make sure to rinse it in cold water before your first use and after every use. This helps remove any residue of sand, salt, and chlorine. 
  • Avoid warm or hot water to wash your swimwear because it can damage the fabric or lose its shape.
  • Never use bleach when you’re washing your swimwear. This can damage the color and fabric.
  • Hang your swimwear to drip dry or lay it flat after washing. But be sure to stay away from sunlight to prevent any damage or fading.
  • Always store your swimwear in a dry place to avoid the formation of mold and mildew. 
  • If possible, avoid pools or hot tubs with high levels of chlorine because it can damage your swimwear. Extreme heat and high chlorine do not blend well, so please wash your swimwear immediately if exposed.
  • Rinse your swimwear immediately to get rid of tanning creams and oils to prevent damage.

These easy and simple product care instructions help keep your Virago Swim swimwear in pristine condition. Taking care of your swimwear ensures you will always get the best look while being stylish the next time you bask in the sun.

Just like anything in life, swimwear also needs proper care to be used in the long run and maintain its condition. Extreme heat can be damaging, and it is the reason why your swimwear may appear color faded. However, there are ways to wash it without inflicting harm on the product itself. Make sure the weather is good, and there’s water beside you. Here is the general care solution for you to follow and make your Virago swim swimwear everlasting. 

  • Rinse your swimwear thoroughly after each use. This will help to remove any salt, chlorine, or other chemicals that may damage the fabric. 
  • Use a gentle detergent and cool water to wash your swimwear. Avoid using hot water or harsh detergents, as these can damage the fabric and cause it to lose its elasticity.
  • Hand wash your swimwear. Avoid using a washing machine or dryer, because they can also damage the fabric and cause it to shrink or stretch.
  • Lay your swimwear flat to dry. Do not hang it up, as this can cause the fabric to stretch or become misshapen.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, because they can damage the fabric and cause it to lose its color or elasticity.
  • Lastly, some tanning creams and oils can ruin your swimwear. Immediately rinse your Virago swim swimwear. 

Maintaining your swimwear is essential for you to keep looking chic while soaking up the sun. You'll always be at your best, and be able to make the most of your beach outings by taking care of your swimwear properly. You may also refer to our product care instructions.