Mundo Innovado

Mundo Innovado is a magazine that is dedicated to highlighting the achievements of members in the Latinx community around the world. Their mission is to bring Latinx-owned businesses into the spotlight through interviews, short stories and bios. We were elated to be a part of this when asked to participate in an interview. We had a great conversation regarding the ins and outs of creating a business and everything that goes with it. 

Please visit Mundo Innovado to read our interview. You can also watch the rest of the interview on their YouTube channel. Make sure to follow Mundo Innovado on Instagram and check their blog regularly.

Virago Swim x Mundo Innovado


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  • Cam

    Being able to support a company that supports womxn and Latinx individuals is an honor. Thank you for creating this space for us!

  • Allison

    I love that she is creating with intention! I really enjoyed this interview.

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