Various Ways To Tie Your Bikini Bottoms For A Stylish Beach Look

String bikini bottoms are a great choice of swimwear thanks to their blend of style and functionality. They offer considerably more coverage than the standard bikini bottom and are great for showing off natural curves. Learning how to tie bikini bottoms in different ways can take their appeal to the next level. It will help you make the most of their adjustability to flatter your body and enjoy unmatched comfort. Take a look at some of the best ways to tie your bikini bottoms this summer.

Various Ways To Tie Your Bikini Bottoms For A Stylish Beach Look

Tie Dainty Bows on Your Sides

Rather than stick to a basic knot that simply focuses on function, how about taking your style up a notch with pretty bows? This is one of the simplest ways to add a charming touch to any bikini bottoms. It entails tying the side strings into bows for a dose of femininity and frill that will transform any pair of bottoms into head-turners. Since it is so simple, you can do it yourself in a cinch and the result is a whimsical, girly look that is both flattering and comfortable.

To get a feel of this, take a look at the Maritza bikini bottom. It features long strings that you can tie into statement bows that enhance your curves and flaunt your sense of style. The little detail transforms it into a fun and flirty piece. Further enhancing the fun aspect, it comes in vibrant color options for memorable, sun-soaked adventures.

Pull the Side Ties Up to the Hip Bone

Another great way to wear your side-tie bikini bottoms is to pull them all the way up to the hip. This option does not have as much to do with the type of knot as it does with the position. Regardless of the knot type chosen, adjusting the position of the strings can make a world of difference. When you tie your strings at an elevated position, this creates an optical illusion where the legs seem elongated and lean. With this simple change, you can easily disguise a short torso if this is an area of concern. It is also a great way to accentuate your curves as it in effect turns your bikinis into high-rise bottoms.

A good example of this is the sleek Olivia bikini bottom, designed for minimal coverage on the front side and the rear. It comes in cool shades of beige and cyan, ideal for a cool and subdued poolside vibe that still commands tons of attention.

Tie the Strings Above the Bum

Finding a pair of bikinis that strikes the balance between comfort and style is not a walk in the park. At times, you have to keep yanking them up the entire time you are on the beach to keep them from dropping to an unflattering low-rise position. If you have to deal with a bit of extra weight in the midsection, bikini bottoms that drop to low-rise often create the dreaded muffin-top effect. In case you do not fancy pulling them all the way up to the hip, there is a trick to keep them from moving. After tying the strings on your sides, bring them around the back and tie them into a neat bow right above the bum. This is a simple fix that will keep them securely in place without messing up your look in any way. As a plus, it also looks flattering and could in fact pique a greater amount of interest than you anticipate.

Virtually any pair of bikini bottoms can work for this hack. The only important consideration is to ensure that it has long strings to accommodate both the side ties and the bow at the back.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

In addition to the way you tie your string bikinis, there are a few other pointers to keep in mind to achieve the most flattering look:

  • When you get into the pool in a pair that has ample coverage, it might bunch and create an unsightly wedge. It might also become saggy when it gets wet.
  • Avoid a low-rise tie if your midsection is on the heavier side as it can create the muffin-top effect.

Make the Right Pick

Everyone wants to look great in bikini bottoms. Choosing the right pair and getting it to play to your strengths and conceal points of concern has the potential to offer an instant confidence boost. As we have learned from the above tips, it is possible to manipulate this by tying the side strings in different ways.

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