The Best Swimsuits For Short Torso: Achieving A Flattering Fit

No matter your body type, there is a swimsuit out there that can help you achieve a flattering look. If you are shopping for the best swimsuits for short torso, there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind. Essentially, you want a design that will elongate your frame and make you appear slimmer. It would also need to create a balance between your upper and lower body and direct attention away from your torso. Does it sound like a lot? Well, here are some of the best designs that tick these boxes and more:

  • Show a Bit of Extra Leg in a High-Cut

Showing off some skin always serves to create an elongating optical illusion and is a great place to start. Go for a one-piece with high-cut legs to enjoy this effect. In addition to the extra leg skin, the style also offers a continuous line that runs from top to bottom, making you appear taller and slimmer. But take care not to push the leg cut too high as it will counter the desired effect. To get this idea right, take a look at the Zeta one-piece whose flattering cut is its key focal point. The exposed V-neck breaks up the full-body coverage and elongates the torso while drawing attention toward your cleavage rather than the midsection. It is the ideal piece to accentuate your strengths and showcase your sexy, feminine flair.

The Best Swimsuits For Short Torso 

  • Choose Swimsuits with Ample Details Around Bust

One of the best ways to draw attention away from your short torso is to wear a swimsuit with some detail around the bust area. These could include embroidery, lace, ruffles, or even fancy straps that command attention. A word of caution though, avoid anything with detailing below the bustline as this will direct attention downwards and create an illusion of shortening your frame. The O-ring on this Nury bikini top does the job quite well, drawing attention to the bust. Consider pairing it up with the Nury low-waisted bottom, which balances the look by elongating the torso. The overall effect is a well-balanced and flattering fit.

  • Go for High-Necks and/or One-Shoulders

Consider wearing a high-neck one-piece suit or bikinis if you have a small bust, or a one-shoulder if your bust is on the heavier side. The idea here is to draw attention upwards and away from the midsection. A high-neck or halter top will direct attention to the shoulder area and the neckline to achieve this effect. A one-shoulder on the other hand veers against tradition and will therefore command attention around the shoulder region. For a big bust, however, a one-shoulder offers a more flattering appearance than the full coverage of a high-neck. The Cindy one-shoulder is a great choice featuring a strap that can go up or across for plenty of visual interest. As a plus, it also sports an overlapping detail on the bust that serves as an additional focal point in the right area.

  • Make String Bikinis Your Best Friend

String bikinis offer limitless potential when it comes to achieving that highly elusive flattering fit. For starters, the strings are adjustable, and you can thus get them to fit you perfectly. At the same time, they show off a bit more skin than most other styles. More skin around the lower half of your torso gives an illusion of longer legs. The strings also provide a worthwhile distraction away from the torso. The Maritza bikini bottom offers minimal coverage and long strings for some sexy detailing on the sides. Its triangular shape also serves to enhance the lengthening effect.

Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

  • Rather than shop for a one-piece with a single, uniform length, choose one with adjustable straps to ensure the best fit.
  • Avoid high-waist designs as these draw attention to your short torso. If you simply cannot steer clear of high waists, choose one with a high-cut leg to balance out the effect by creating an illusion of longer legs.
  • Avoid swimwear with details around the waist or seams as these draw attention to the short mid-section.
  • Draw attention to your neckline for a lengthening effect by wearing appropriate jewelry such as necklaces.
  • Embrace patterns as these tend to keep the eyes occupied and distracted away from specific body parts.

Highlight Your Strengths

Whether you have long legs and a short torso that you want to balance out or simply want to elongate your midsection, these tricks will get it done. Understanding how to effectively style your swimwear to accentuate your strengths will keep you looking and feeling confident all summer long.

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