Summer Bikini Dreams: Inspiring Gift Ideas For The Sun-Soaked Summer Ahead

One of the best gifts you can ever give a cherished friend is the gift of fun, and one of the most fun gifts this summer is an elegant bikini set. Summer bikinis come in all shapes, designs, colors, and styles. For your gift to achieve the intended effect, it has to be well thought-out, taking into consideration your recipient’s personal style, taste, and body type. While this may sound like an overwhelming task, we are here to help. Here are some of the most alluring bikini designs this summer and tips to help you make the best choice for different recipients.

Summer Bikini Dreams

Melissa Bikini Bottoms

The Melissa V-cut bikini bottom sports an eye-catching design with timeless appeal. The high leg cut is ideal for a friend with an hourglass figure, as it draws attention to the waistline. It also accentuates natural curves offering matchless feminine appeal. On the backside, modest coverage makes it just adequately cheeky yet not too exposed. It is the ideal design for tummy control as the V-shape creates a slimming illusion. It is available in orange and yellow, both vibrant and whimsical, for that spontaneous friend who embodies fun and adventure.

To complete her look, pair the bottoms up with a Melissa bikini top. The design offers light support without detracting from a curvy backside. Being so minimalistic, it highlights the assets that matter yet delicately strikes the balance between style and functionality. It is a great way to counter the classic look on the front side with a modern touch.

Nury Ring Bikini Top

For that friend who loves to make an entry and get all heads turning, you cannot go wrong with the Nury O-Ring bikini top. It is a chic O-ring bandeau designed to accentuate smaller busts. Thanks to the O-ring it forms delicate pleats that add texture and tons of visual appeal to this timeless design. For a flattering look and support, it is designed to fit snugly against the bust line. This strapless piece is ideal for that petite friend who loves a perfect sun-kissed tan without the unsightly tan lines that come with strapped pieces. Your recipient will enjoy the convenience of transitioning seamlessly from beach to happy hour by simply adding a strapless dress to cover things up.

Complete her seaside look with the Nury bikini bottom. It is trendy and elegant and offers a few tricks to accentuate the right assets. The bottom sports a curved, minimalistic backside that is a guaranteed head-turner. It tends to tone the bum and give it a lift to avoid a saggy look. The best part about these bottoms is that they are great with virtually any body type.

Maritza Bikini Bottoms

If you are looking for a flexible design with a high level of versatility for that special friend, look no further than Maritza bikini bottoms. Designed with flexibility in mind, they feature dainty side ties that will let your recipient elevate their personal style. The tie-ups are customizable and therefore allow for just the right feel and fit for varying settings and moods. These bottoms are also designed to mold to the shape and sculpt of the wearer, a great tool for accentuating strong points.  The design is also seamless and is thus ideal for maintaining a sense of continuity. Thanks to the cheeky rear side and the color variations (yellow and orange), it is a guaranteed statement piece. It is a great choice for a friend who embraces her femininity and loves to flaunt it.

Give your recipient the best of both worlds by coupling these bottoms up with the Maritza bikini top. The classic design of this top provides adequate support and coverage for a comfortable feel for a busty friend while maintaining a stylish look. Just like the matching bottom, the top offers flexibility, allowing for a bit of manipulation for loose comfort or for a boost to the bust. Additionally, the minimalistic straps mean almost non-existent tan lines, perfect for days spent lounging on a sunny beach or poolside.

Cindy One-Shoulder

For the perfect blend of versatility and elegance, the Cindy bikini top is your best bet. It sports a beautiful bandeau design with a single wide strap that you can wear on either side. In addition to its obvious style enhancement, the strap enhances support making the top comfortable even for a busty wearer. The pleated design and overlapping detail at the front draw attention to the right area and gives an illusion of additional curviness, ideal for a petite bust. But it is versatile enough to look just as great for a bigger bust thanks to the lift that the bandeau design provides as well as the flattering fit. Choose between royal blue and lime for the gift that most reflects the recipient’s personal flair.

If your recipient happens to be plus-size, consider pairing the top with the Rachel bikini bottom. This sports a wide waistband, ideal for tummy control. The fact that this is neither too low nor obnoxiously high also adds to the flattering look. It does not feel as snug as high-waisted bottoms and is more likely to stay put through most activities, unlike low-cut bikinis.

Olivia Cheeky Bikini Bottom

For that cheeky friend with a short torso, the Olivia bikini bottom would do wonders. It features a sleek silhouette with a V-shaped cut that shows quite a bit of skin. With a bit more coverage than a G-string, but slightly less than the traditional design, it perfectly balances the style and sophistication elements. The design tends to elongate the legs as well as the overall frame, making it a great asset to a short torso body type. Moreover, the curve that results from the side ties further enhances this effect. Another highlight of the strings is their flexibility, allowing for adjustments to suit different rises. 

The Olivia bikini top is the ideal complement for this cheeky bottom. Much like the cheeky bottoms, the bandeau design is also a great choice for a friend with a short torso. It draws attention to the neckline and shoulders. When paired with a cheeky, high-rise bottom, it also appears to elongate the mid-riff. The completely strapless design gives it a flirty, feminine look. Thanks to the V-wire front, it has the potential to command and hold attention.

The Ultimate Gift Choice for Summer

Whether you are looking to revamp your recipient’s collection of bikinis or simply add a touch of style, the above pieces make perfect gift choices. Give your recipients added reason to enjoy sun-soaked adventures all summer long.

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