Six Of The Most Flattering Swimwear For Women

During the summer, a staple in your wardrobe would definitely be your swimwear. However, as your body changes over the years, the type of swimwear that flatters your body might also change. This is why it’s important to find swimwear that is universally flattering as this would allow your swimwear to last you many years. It also saves you from burning an unnecessarily huge hole in your wallet! To save you the trouble of carrying out extensive research, we have compiled swimwear for women that are most flattering for the different body types! We have also included a guide that might help you decide on which swimsuits are staples that are worth investing in. 

Six Of The Most Flattering Swimwear For Women

How to Decide What Flatters Your Body Type?

  • Try on many different swimsuits. 
  • Look outside your comfort one and you might find a silhouette that makes your body look and feel great! 
  • <li">Use ties and adjustable straps as this can allow the suit to fit your specific body
  • Don’t just pick silhouettes that are trendy as not every trend might work for your body type 
  • Don’t get swimsuits in a size too large as excessive fabric might cause gaping and decrease the amount of support the swimsuit can provide for you

High Thigh Bikini Bottoms 

High-leg and high-waisted bottoms will make your bum look more rounded and lifted, allowing women who prefer less cheeky coverage to look great. Fuller-coverage bottoms can sometimes make your bum look more flattened than it actually is! OurV bikini bottom can help you to create that bubble butt effect, without exposing too much of your skin, if that’s something you’re uncomfortable with.

Strapless Tops

These look best on those girls with smaller chests. You need less support which allows you to rock this style without worrying about any strap tan lines. If you prefer bras with straps, this bikini top might be what you’re looking for.

Thong Swimsuit

If you are someone with an hourglass figure, you can consider trying out the thong swimsuit. Even though this definitely exposes more skin, it might make you look and feel confident and sexy. After all, isn’t that the point of a good swimsuit?

One Piece Swimsuit

If your hips are wider than your upper body, you likely have a pear-shaped body which would make one-piece swimsuits with ruffles and details on the top half create a more visually balanced look.

High Neck Swimsuit

For girls who love to spend their days in the water swimming and surfing, opting for swimsuits that are more supportive and have a higher neckline can definitely help to avert any possible wardrobe malfunctions. This can keep you feeling well supported as you run and jump around in the ocean.

Swim Skirt Swimsuit

If you are looking for more coverage, the swim skirt might be your new best friend. It covers your rear end if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of having your bum exposed but are still looking for lightweight and comfortable swimwear.

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