How To Look Better In Swimsuits: The Best Swimsuits To Wear To Hide Your Tummy

Your days in the sun are so much more fun when you feel comfortable and confident in your choice of swimsuit. If you happen to have a little mom bod or are feeling bloated from indulgent eating, the tummy bulge could be an area of concern. Identifying the best swimsuit to hide tummy fat will let you show off key assets and conceal any areas of concern. Fortunately, there are plenty of options designed to flatter your form in different ways to achieve this objective. Take a look at our top picks:

  • High-Cut Swimsuits

One of the best designs for tummy control is the high-leg. It elongates the legs and makes them look lean while also showing off a bit more skin than classic designs. Additionally, it enhances your curves creating timeless feminine appeal. In these two ways, the design draws attention away from the mid-section and accentuates your overall shape.

A great option that showcases this design at its best is the Zeta Maillot one-piece which comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

The Best Swimsuits For Short Torso Achieving A Flattering Fit

  • Plunging V-Neckline

What does a plunging neckline have to do with tummy control? As it turns out, everything. A sexy, V-neckline shows off plenty of skin and enhances feminine curves. It reveals just the right amount of cleavage to draw attention away from the tummy area and focus it on your assets.

What makes the DONNA MAILLOT a particularly great choice for this effect is that it combines multiple tricks to hide your tummy. Its plunging neckline goes all the way down to the waist for a really flattering look. It sports a high-waist band that hugs the waist at the perfect spot for a tummy-compressing effect. The metallic detail that brings it all together draws attention upwards and away from the tummy area. To complete the effect, it has a high-rise cut that accentuates natural curves for a truly flattering fit.

  • Flattering Silhouette

A figure-hugging swimsuit with a flattering silhouette sculpts the body thanks to a snug fit that enhances natural curves. It appears to smooth out bumps and bulges for a flattering silhouette. In addition to concealing areas of concern, it also accentuates your assets. In this case, it cinches the waist to hide a belly bulge while directing attention to a sexy bust or long, lean legs.

The VENUS MAILLOT one-piece meets each of the outlined features and goes the extra mile. The design sports a snug fit that shapes the body just right. Further, its double-banded mid-section cinches the waist and creates a slimming illusion. The suit also features a low neckline that shows off some cleavage, drawing attention upwards. At the same time, the high-cut legs create an illusion of curviness and long legs, further diverting attention away from the midriff.

  • Dark Colored Swimsuits

This has to be one of the most versatile options for concealing belly fat. Generally speaking, darker colors create a slimming illusion on all manner of clothing. Swimsuits are no exception. A solid dark color works really well and while black is usually the go-to color choice, you can experiment with other dark colors. Blue, green, and purple are great choices too.

The SUBRIYAH one-piece comes in black and is an outstanding choice for multiple reasons. In addition to having one solid color, it comes with one of the most flattering high cuts. Thanks to adjustable straps on the sides, you can pull it up much higher than most other pieces. The front side provides full coverage, ideal for concealing any areas of concern. But the minimalistic rear side gives you an opportunity to show off some cheek as well as your sun-kissed back.

  • High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

High-waist bikini bottoms create an optical illusion of slimness. They hold it all in for a streamlined effect that accentuates the curves and conceals areas of concern. Moreover, they cinch the waist for a balanced look, creating an illusion of a flatter tummy. The fact that they create fluid lines serves to accentuate your curves. As a bonus, they are comfortable enough for virtually all water-related activities.

Look no further than the GIA high-waist bottoms for the most flattering fit this design can give. It comes with an extra wide waistband that gives a snug fit and cinches the waist just right. The design has what it takes to smooth out your mid-section while allowing you to show off some skin and enjoy matchless comfort. It comes in multiple colors to suit your personal tastes.

Make the Right Pick

The above stylish picks all feature various highlights to flatter your frame and show off your assets while hiding the tummy. Whether you wish to slim your mid-section or divert attention away from it, there is something here for everyone.

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