How To Find The Best Quality Swimwear That Fits Your Body Type

When you’re at the beach and picking out your swimwear, there are many factors that might come into play. However, the two most important questions you need to ask yourself before you take the swimwear off the rack and into your home would be whether it looks good and whether it feels good on you. Based on your body type, what your ideal swimsuit looks like may differ vastly. Here’s our guide on how you can find the best quality swimwear while still looking amazing in it.

How To Find The Best Quality Swimwear That Fits Your Body Type

How to Determine Whether Swimwear is Good Quality? 

Good quality swimwear is important because you will be exposing this swimwear to the sun, sand, sea and many more environmental factors. They must be able to stand the test of time, otherwise, you will be burning a hole in your wallet each summer. However, how exactly can you make a good choice? Here are our top tips for you: 

  • Examining the swimwear fabric: By touching your fabric, you will be able to determine whether it is of good or poor quality. A poor-quality suit will feel plastic or rough when you touch it. Meanwhile, high-quality fabrics feel thicker and softer. You should also try to stretch the bikini and after pulling it in all directions, if it recovers well, it is of good material.
  • Examining the swimwear material: The material of the swimsuit is also as important as the fabric. If the clasps, hooks and wires look cheap, they might not be long-lasting and may not stand the test of time.

Determining Your Body Shape 

There are a few common body shapes and most women fall under the category of one of these body types. After deciding what exactly your body shape is, you can then pick out swimsuits that are suited for your particular body type. Here are the most common body shapes:

  • Inverted triangle 
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Large hourglass
  • Hourglass
  • Ruler

Based on this, you can seek out an ideal swimsuit for your own body type. Remember, what looks good on someone may not look as great on another because our bodies are all built so differently! It would be best to try out the suits so you can have an idea of how it looks on your own body.

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