Essential Tips For Wearing A White Swimsuit

We're already fantasizing about cocktails and poolside sun-tanning as the summer months approach. Whether you're preparing for an outdoor jacuzzi get-together or a trip to the beach for some ocean breeze, two things should be in your bag: sunscreen and a white swimsuit. It may appear difficult to pull off, but with a little additional thought, you too can be sporting one this summer. A white swimsuit, in our opinion, is here to stay, so rather than dismissing them as a fashion hazard, allow us to provide some essential tips for wearing one.

Essential Tips For Wearing A White Swimsuit

Go Crochet

The translucent effect is perhaps the biggest concern when wearing white to the pool. No one wants to emerge from the sea with their entire body on display. Try a heavier woven cloth because white is infamous for becoming visible when wet. Crochet is fashionable right now, and it will help you maintain your modesty.

Choose Quality

It's realistic to anticipate that a completely white swimming suit will discolor quickly. Admittedly, white clothing displays every smear and splash, and some waters are filthier than others. A white swimsuit, on the other hand, does not discolor or fade as quickly when made from high-quality materials like those found in Virago Swim's white bathing suits. Simply follow our cleaning recommendations when cleaning your suit. If you follow those guidelines, you'll be able to use your swimsuit for multiple holidays without it staining or yellowing.

Select the Right Style

It's a popular misconception that wearing white can't compliment your shape. This is somewhat true; darker clothing does have a slimming effect. Nonetheless, the color of an outfit or swimwear does not affect how you appear in it. It's more important to consider how the suit is made and how it matches your contours. Ultimately, a white swimsuit exudes grace and elegance.

White swimwear is available in a variety of designs. It's designed for ladies of different sizes and shapes. Pick a good white swimsuit with a style that emphasizes the portions of your body that you are most proud of. Make sure the suit isn't too tight or too loose by adhering to the size chart. Choose elements that will draw attention to your favorite aspects of your body, as well as features that will draw attention to areas you want to hide. Some swimsuits, for example, are made with layers of fabric that might cover certain portions of the body, particularly the belly. However, it can also draw too much attention to itself, so you must experiment to determine what works best for you.

You won't be disappointed with a white bathing suit when styling your beach outfit. It's a classic neutral that goes with just about any color you can think of for accessories. A solid white swimsuit, such as our NURY top and NURY bottom, is sleek and refined while remaining simple enough to combine with striking accessories like flashy shoes or patterned jewelry. Your fantastic personal style has every opportunity to emerge when you start with a basic white bikini. Give it a go right now!

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