Are Cover-Ups For Swimwear Necessary?

Is your next beach vacation on the horizon? You may not know what to pack and may be overwhelmed by the options. With limited storage space, however, you know that you only have room for a few essentials and you’re wondering if bringing the beach cover up for swimwear makes sense. Here’s why we think that cover-ups for swimwear are necessary and the top benefits of bringing these along for your trip.

 Are Cover-Ups For Swimwear Necessary?

Beach Cover-Ups Protect You from the Sun 

During beach holidays, you might be spending prolonged time periods under the sun. Hence, it’s important that you remain sufficiently protected from the sun. Despite applying large amounts of sunscreen, it might sometimes be better to also have a physical shield from the sun. Cover ups are a stylish way for your body to get some sun protection while still getting that great sun-kissed glow. 

Beach Cover-Ups Make You Feel More Comfortable  

We also believe that cover ups are important because they can help you feel more at ease. If you are at a beach resort and are having breakfast, you might attract some unwanted stares if you are at the buffet line wearing a skimpy bikini. This is especially so if you’re not at an adult only resort. In such cases, you can wear the cover ups while you’re outside the beach so that you feel more comfortable walking around. Certain resorts also have rules about attire and prohibit bikinis in certain areas so a cover up can be useful to throw over without having to change into an entirely new outfit.

Types of Beach Cover Ups You Can Opt for 

With so many different styles and types of cover ups out there, which one should you pick? We have compiled some of the more popular designs that you can pick from.

  • Sarong beach cover ups: This is a long piece of fabric that is versatile because it can be used as a skirt and different types of dresses. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Dress beach cover ups: These are dresses that are lighter in fabric and usually, more sheer and revealing than regular dresses because you are expected to have a bikini underneath.
  • Long cardigan beach cover ups: This style of cover up has an open front with either short or long sleeves. These give you an opportunity to show off your bikini while still not showing off excessive skin.

How to Decide on Your Beach Cover Up? 

To decide on the cover up, aside from the design of the cover up, you can consider the following factors:

  • Based on the type of bikini you’re wearing on the inside; you can decide on a cover up that might match the color of your bikinis. If you are planning on wearing a wide range of bikinis of different colors, pick a cover up that can pair with all these colors such as white or black. 
  • Decide on the type of fabric, be it sheer or opaque, based on your personality and needs.

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