A Guide To Different Types Of Ladies' Swimwear

Positively, the vast range of women's swimwear is both intriguing and perplexing. There's no doubt about the excitement you'll have when you see all of the varied opportunities available. Then there are additional considerations to make, such as contour and exposure features. It's a little like playing a game of deciphering to find the best suit for your body frame. That starts with a thorough awareness of the several alternatives accessible. Read on for a guide to different types of ladies' swimwear.

A Guide To Different Types Of Ladies' Swimwear


The two-piece design gives you greater freedom to integrate multiple selections to create unique styles each time. That's important if you want to conserve room in your baggage. For instance, you can choose a neutral-colored bottom and pair it with a few distinct bikini tops to create a few beach outfits.

The top normally has a good bra cut, and the bottoms usually reveal the belly button. Contemporary cuts, on the other hand, are made to fit all body shapes. So if you want a little extra coverage, go for a bikini bottom with a high waist, or a top with significant straps to better support your breasts.


If you like something classic, one-piece swimwears are excellent. This design is quite adaptable and may be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. If you're rather busty and require more support, thick, customizable straps are essential, but strapless versions are also obtainable.

The charm of the one-piece is that it can be used to highlight your best features. For instance, a waistband placed strategically draws attention to your contours. Shirring the waistline can give the appearance of additional curves too. It's all in the specifics, and our Maillot swimwear line has one to fit every body shape.

Tankini vs Bandini

Between a regular bikini top and one-piece swimwear, the tankini is a pleasing third option. Some tankinis go all the way down to your bikini bottoms to create the appearance of a one-piece, while others are just a little shorter.

On the other hand, the bandini is a design that allows the user to reveal a little more flesh by removing the straps from a tankini. If you own an apple, hourglass, or inverted triangle shape body, certain bandinis include built-in support to provide the comfort you need.

How to Find the Right Style?

It's critical to choose a style that is both secure and supportive. Just as with jeans, only you can select which fit makes you feel the most comfortable. For example, if you want a suit that elevates your bust, a plunge style is a good option. A racerback design, on the other extreme, may be a wiser alternative if you want additional support.

The right swimsuit can be influenced by your style preferences and a variety of criteria. They can help you decide whether to wear a bikini, one-piece, or a tankini. Just keep in mind that since you will be suntanning while wearing a swimsuit, any tan lines you acquire will reveal the kind of suit you have picked. Make a wise purchase with Virago swimwear today!

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