A Guide To Choosing The Right Two Piece Swimwear

Summer is here, and that means family vacations and beach trips. You’ll definitely have to pack a swimsuit. What could be a better choice for the beach than a good set of two piece swimwear? It’s important to make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your beach outfit, so here’s how to choose something that’ll help you spend your summer with ease and excitement:

If You Have A Larger Bust Size

Finding a satisfying set of two piece swimwear can be difficult if you have a larger chest. When you’re swimming or participating in activities, you may not be able to fully enjoy yourself, constantly concerned that something may be accidentally exposed. But if you love a good two piece, don’t fret! Two piece swimsuits can actually provide better support than one piece suits, if the straps of your bikini are adequately wde and well-designed. Opt out of strapless bathing suits for greater peace of mind. Instead, you can go for options like an adjustable tankini. Consider trying bikini tops with underwire for better lift and support. Additionally, pay attention to the specific bra size you choose, going with something that fits your measurements instead of defaulting to a generic size.

If You Have A Small Chest

Regardless of your body type, choosing a two piece when you have a smaller bust size can be challenging too. Still, there are many benefits for you to take advantage of. To best highlight your bust, the padded triangle is a great option, being a time-honored classic for many. If you’d like to add additional volume at your chest, try a bikini top design with fringe or flounces. Bikini styles like tie-front and halters can also have a flattering effect.

If You’re Tall and Slim

Feel free to wear just about any bikini style! Two piece swim wear will enhance your curves. If you’d like, you can go for more adventurous prints, which will give you an energetic beach day look. Exercise your creativity by mixing and matching different bikini styles, prints and colors. High-waisted two pieces are wardrobe essentials for many. Those with slim hips can opt for a triangle bikini. 

If You’re Modest

Developing a full wardrobe for the beach is easier than you’d think. One of the most popular styles for women is the tankini. Tankinis have an upper half that look like tank tops, instead of the typical bra-like top. Providing comfort, coverage and style, they are great for those who love the two-piece style but prefer not to show too much of their midsection. They also give you the fun of mixing and matching tops and bottoms. You’ll be able to construct swimsuits that distinctly represent your personal style, with a unique look!

If You’re Going For The Sporty Look

Love to play beach volleyball, swim or do water sports at the beach? Sick of wearing one-piece swimsuits? Two piece swimsuits provide a great range of options for the active beachgoer, with sufficient support and coverage. You can get sports bottoms and tops that still provide you with security, or tankinis. Bikinis with wide shoulder straps are also suitable. 

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