7 Swimwear Accessories That Will Elevate Your Summer Style

If you’re planning to spend the summer on the beach or by the pool, you should try mixing your suit with swimwear accessories! Swimwear accessories are great to elevate your look and though most are smaller in size, those little details will add up to make you look and feel good. Here are 7 swimwear accessories you should style your suit with! 

7 Swimwear Accessories That Will Elevate Your Summer Style


What better way to style up your swimwear look than by throwing in a pair of classic sunglasses? A basic black sunglasses will definitely enhance your poolside pictures. If black isn't it for you, try spicing it up with a statement shade such as the trending shield sunglasses or small reflective square frames. You can pair your sunglasses with Virago Swim’s Jeena sunglasses chain which can also be used for your earbuds or worn as a necklace or bracelet.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces look stunning on sun-kissed skin and will enhance those close-up photographs to make them much more interesting. They help to frame your face and bring attention to your upper half. It gives off a similar vibe to a statement necklace but with a much lighter and casual vibe.

Shell Jewelry

Completing your swimwear look with a piece of shell jewelry will give you a cool bohemian flair. Be it as an anklet or necklace, you just can't get enough of it as the shell jewelry trend is sweeping our Instagram feeds.

Hair Accessories

You can use hair accessories such as hair clips and headbands to sweep back your wet, wavy hair. You can now look fashionable with hair accessories that can be paired with your simple black suit.


If you're looking for something that will protect you from the sun rays and add a stylish factor to your swimsuit, try opting for a bucket hat or a wide-brim sun hat. Not only do they protect your face and head from sunburn but they also help prevent skin damage.


Belted swimsuits and bikinis are trending and you can either buy one that is already embedded on your maillot or style a belt to your existing swimsuit. You can try pairing your plain swimwear with a metallic chain or a cool belt bag. If you don’t like the feel of belts, you can try out Virago Swim’s Tulip beach cover-up that goes great with either a one-piece or a bikini.

Sporty Sandals

If you love taking walks by the beach, you should pair your swimsuit with a pair of sporty sandals. These sandals will add an active look to your outfit and will definitely make you feel cool and comfortable.

Get Your Swimwear Accessories at Virago Swim

Want an accessory that will complement your swimsuit? Look no further as at Virago Swim, you can find all sorts of swimwear accessories, from beach cover-ups to bracelets, we’ve got it all! You don’t have to worry about tarnishing them as all our products are of high quality so that you can enjoy your summer in style.

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