5 Types Of Maillot Swimwear To Add To Your Wardrobe

If you have been searching for swimwear that can be both comfortable and make you look good, why not try maillot swimwear? A maillot swimwear, in simpler terms, is a one-piece bathing suit or a tank suit. It is usually a tank-style top with a high leg cut and can include a plunging neckline or revealing cutouts. Unsure which to choose? Here are 5 types of maillot swimwear you must have in your wardrobe!

5 Types Of Maillot Swimwear To Add To Your Wardrobe


If you have ever come across a one-piece maillot, you would know how much they resemble classic swimwear from the 1940s and 1950s. The retro-style suits are flattering for a variety of body shapes and they're a good modest option as compared to the more revealing suits. Want to embrace the vintage-retro look? You should try Virago Swim’s Zeta Maillot In Royal, which is an 80s inspired look with a cross back.


As compared to the previous years when less is more, today's maillots appear to have more adorable details, cutting, and materials. They're like garments that can be worn in the water, by the water, or quite close to the water. The best part is that there is a range of prints and patterns that could help elevate your look and make you look fresh.

Slimming Maillots

Naturally, any maillot you pick will give you a slimming effect. If you want a maillot that flatters your stomach, try looking for suits with built-in ruching or control panels. If you’re concerned about your upper half, a maillot with a built-in underwire or bra or one with thicker straps may be the right fit for you. Try a skirted suit or a conservative cut leg opening to emphasize your butt.

Classic Black

If you're not into bright and colorful patterns, nothing says classic like black. It flatters most body types and skin tones equally well and will never go out of style. The black maillot is the best option if you're unfamiliar with one-piece swimwear or just going back into it. Get started with your first black maillot with Subriyah Maillot, a classic one-piece that can be styled as a swimsuit or bodysuit.

Tank Maillots

A tank maillot for fitness is ideal if you spend a lot of time in the pool, perform water exercises, or like to swim laps. These suits are chlorine resistant, meaning they will retain their form and elasticity for longer. They're also built to allow for movement, ensuring that all of your assets stay in their right placements. Fitness swimsuits are available in a variety of cuts, from moderate to conservative. This "cut" is frequently used to describe how high the leg goes. 

Add Stylish Maillots to Your Wardrobe with Virago Swim

If you’re looking for a maillot that is both comfortable and stylish, try our maillots at Virago Swim! We pride ourselves in designing high-quality swimwear for your comfort and our products are ethically produced. Ready to look good this summer? Select from our variety of maillot styles now! 

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