4 Reasons To Rock A Bandeau Bikini This Summer

Looking for a bikini that sets you apart from the rest? Why not rock a bandeau bikini this summer? A bandeau bikini is a great option if you’re looking for comfort and they come in a variety of colors and fabrics. If you've never worn a bandeau bikini before, here are 4 reasons why you should rock it this summer!

4 Reasons To Rock A Bandeau Bikini This Summer

It Accentuates Your Bust

There's no doubting that many women can feel self-conscious in swimming suits. Thankfully, bandeau bathing suits come in a variety of one-piece and bikini styles, so the perfect one may be flattering on almost any body type. Bandeau tops such as this beautiful Olivia Top from Virago Swim are ideal for attracting attention to your bust and providing a highly flattering look for ladies with smaller chests. The proper bandeau bathing suit can make you look and feel confident in your body.

No Undesired Tan Lines

The bandeau bikini's lack of straps allows you to tan your upper body without acquiring tan lines on your shoulders. You can now wear tank tops without fear of developing ugly tan lines. While bandeaus may not give enough support for intense physical activity, they are great for peaceful days spent simply soaking up the sun. If your bandeau has straps, they can be used during activities and then removed or loosened while you relax to prevent tan lines, providing you with more flexibility.

It Can Be Used as a Strapless Bra

Long summer days might take us on unexpected excursions due to their unpredictable nature. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation if you are not prepared for a significant change in plans. Bandeau bikini tops may double as strapless bras so you can easily slip anything over them. The bandeau's adaptability allows you to effortlessly transition from swimwear to evening wear which will get you ready quickly if you ever want to travel to town.

It Is Fashion-Forward

Bandeau bikinis have been around for a long time and are still fashionable due to their flattering look. Despite this, they aren't as popular as bikini tops and one-pieces. If you go to a crowded beach or pool, you'll notice that there are considerably fewer ladies in bandeau suits. Bandeau suits are an excellent option if you want to stand out from the rest! 

Bandeau bathing suits are daring and bold, and they come in a wide range of styles. This means you'll be able to pick one that looks beautiful and provides maximum comfort while capturing everyone’s attention! Try Virago Swim’s Olivia Bottom if you want to take the first step to a fashion-forward style.  

Rock a Bandeau Bikini with Virago Swim

Interested in trying a bandeau bikini? You can get one at Virago Swim! With our timeless and elegant pieces, we want to provide the highest quality of swimsuits that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

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